Use WebinarJam when: You want a live, interactive connection with the audience. Live events are best for webinars where you anticipate high audience participation, those that end with a live Q&A, or if you want to promote audience members to join you as on-camera presenters.

WebinarJam gives you the power of full-featured live events to nurture your audience, sell products and services, and grow your brand. Get started fast with express or full configuration options and three unique broadcast options:

  • Right Now to set up and immediately launch a one-time live broadcast
  • Schedule for Later to plan a future event and registration funnel
  • Always On to create a room that is live and ready for multiple uses whenever you need it

Content Pre-check

Prepare your content before starting the webinar setup to streamline the process! You can also add these details later.

  • Names and email addresses for all presenters (Required)
  • Headshots or other profile images for presenters (Optional)
  • Webinar topic and target audience for your agenda (Optional)
  • Details of any product offer (Optional)
  • Elements of a poll or quiz to display (Optional)
  • Optimized slide deck to present (Optional)
  • Optimized handouts to share (Optional)
  • Optimized video clips (Optional)

1. Create a Webinar

Launch the WebinarJam app in your account:

  1. Go to Webinars and click + Add webinar
  2. Choose the preferred schedule and complete each step of the configuration wizard

Pro tip: To automatically send a replay to all registrants after the webinar, configure a Post webinar notification at the Notifications step of the wizard.

2. Test the Webinar

Test your event to ensure every element is in place, the host is familiar with the live room interface, and there are no unwanted surprises when it's time to go live with a room full of attendees.

Recommended testing

Soft test: Click Run a test for any configured event to test audio and video settings and get familiar with the WebinarJam live room.

 Run a test webinar feature

  • Test audio and video
  • Test live room functions and the live elements added in the configuration
  • Tests do not capture analytics, chat history, or replay recordings
  • Important: “Run a test” should not be used to host a live event.

Clone test:  Clone the configured event, bring in some attendees and/or another presenter to help you test, and run the event live.

Click Your links to copy links to the live room.

Run a clone as a live event

  • Test audio and video
  • Test live room functions and the live elements added in the configuration
  • Test broadcast streaming with standard server resource allocation
  • Test email notifications and reminders
  • Capture analytics, chat history, and a replay recording

Learn more

3. Share Registration and Access Links

Access webinar links

In Webinars:

  1. Click the Your links button
  2. Click between the Attendee and Presenter tabs to find access links for the appropriate user


  • Under Link to the registration page, copy the link to share it
    • Use the registration link for all webinar schedule types to ensure correct analytics

Presenters and moderators

  • Each presenter has a unique access link that is for their use only
  • Copy each unique access link to share them directly
    • Click the envelope icon to send the access link in an email
  • Copy and share the moderator link to give access to the Control Panel instead of the Live Room

4. Go Live!

Your event is configured, your presenters are ready, and you have a full list of excited registrants–it’s time to go live!

Pre-launch Checklist

  • The webinar is fully configured with all live elements loaded
  • Testing is complete
  • All presenters have their own unique link to access the webinar room
  • All moderators have their own unique link to access the Control Panel
  • The webinar host has a hardwired internet connection (Recommended)

Start the Webinar

  1. Log in to the live room using your Presenter access link
  2. Complete the audio and video test (approximately 5 minutes)
  3. When you are ready, click the phone icon in the top left corner of the live room to start the broadcast

5. Replay and Analytics

After the event, you can retrieve several types of records and analytics.

Traffic, engagement, sales, and notification email analytics

Registrant contact details, attendance, and other data related to specific attendees

Replay link and download

  • Go to Webinars > Your links
  • Important: Allow the duration of the webinar for replay processing. For example, the replay for a two-hour webinar will be available approximately two hours after the host ends the broadcast.

Chat download, poll results, survey results, and pending questions in the replay room