This article is for WebinarJam and EverWebinar.

Check Your Plan: The Control Panel is available in EverWebinar and with WebinarJam Enterprise plans.

WebinarJam Control Panel

The Control Panel is the center of operations for your moderators in a live event. The dashboard contains all the information and controls available in the live room but in a format designed for easier viewing and management.

Control panel dashboard

Chat Control

The first of the three panels shows the live chat feed. From the first tab (Chat) you can chat with attendees, and edit/delete their messages if needed.

Chat activity is limited to protect your event from spam (limits reset after a 5-second cooldown):

  • Attendees: Limit is 3 messages within 5 seconds
  • Presenters and moderators: Limit is 5 messages within 5 seconds

The second tab (Q&A only) shows only the messages marked as questions. A response there will be marked as an Answer.

Click the three dots next to a message to see a user's name, email, and management options:

  • Edit their comment
  • Reply to them in private
  • Invite them to join the live room as a presenter
  • Broadcast their comment to everyone
  • Mark the comment as a Question
  • Delete their comment
  • Mute user (click again to unmute)
  • Eject user from room (ban)

Manage chat and attendees with user menu

Mute vs Eject

Ejecting a user from the room immediately removes them and blocks them from entering again from the same browser session. If the user comes back through a different device or browser, you can eject them again or mute them to prevent them from adding messages to the chat.

Muting a user prevents any messages they enter in the chat from appearing to the rest of the attendees in the room. The muted user can continue to send messages and will not see any indication that they have been muted, but the messages will not be displayed in the room.

Live Injections

The next panel contains live injections like polls, offers, videos, files, and slides. Preconfigured live injections can be deployed or used here, or new ones can be created during the live webinar.

Add or edit live elements in the Control Panel

Attendee Control

The final panel shows current attendees. The tabs on top filter the lists into all Attendees, only those who purchased, and only those requesting to speak live as a presenter. At the bottom of the panel, you can redirect all attendees to a URL of your choice and resend email notifications to registrants.

Attendees pane in the Control Panel

Room Statistics

The top bar in white (shown below) displays, from left to right:

  • The current number of attendees
  • How long the webinar has been live
  • How many attendees have been in the room for each 5 minutes (shown as a graph)
  • The current attendees compared to the peak number of attendees
  • The number of sales made
  • The total revenue earned

Event Status and Settings

In the upper right of the Control Panel are three icons:

  • Click the phone to start the live webinar and begin broadcasting to the room. There must be at least one presenter in the live room. End the live webinar by clicking the same button again.
  • A red or green status shows if you are on or off the air (live streaming or not)
  • Settings opens a menu where you can:
    • Restrict chat messages to public, private, or both
    • Display or hide the number of attendees
    • Allow or block attendees from requesting to speak live
    • Change the design of the live room

Update the event settings from the Control Panel menu

Add New Presenter

Presenters in the room are shown at the top of the screen as avatar images. Click the + icon to add a new presenter with their name and email. An email invite is sent to the new presenter with a unique access link to join the live room.

EverWebinar Control Panel

Because automated events are fully pre-configured, chat is the only moderation tool in the EverWebinar control panel.

  • Attendee chat messages appear only to themselves and webinar moderators (in the attendee's unique access session)
  • Moderator chat messages appear to any attendee currently watching the webinar (in any session)

Since each attendee is in their own room (separate from anyone else watching), they will not see the chat from other attendees. However, if a moderator chats in the lower field, that message will appear to anyone watching.

To prevent confusion, it is best to reply privately to any chat message as an EverWebinar moderator.

EverWebinar control panel interface

EverWebinar Control Panel