WebinarJam and EverWebinar are as secure as possible for our users and additional security measures are added regularly.

Infrastructure access

  • Cloudflare Enterprise: Cloudflare secures WebinarJam and EverWebinar domains against malicious traffic, DDoS attacks, scripted brute force hacks, etc. Learn more about Cloudflare protections:
  • Server infrastructure: The WebinarJam network is hosted in Amazon's secure cloud. Everything is run entirely under secret private IPs, so they cannot be identified by the outside world. Learn more about AWS Cloud Security.
  • Restricted server access: Access to WebinarJam live backend servers is restricted to specific senior programmers within the organization, all secured behind a private network and two-factor authentication.

Outage protection

  • Real-time redundancy: All WebinarJam servers, databases, caches, etc., are hosted in Amazon's high availability clusters. As a result, there is no "single point of failure" in the infrastructure. Every component has redundancy built in, and a secondary always-available copy mirrors everything that happens in real time. This ensures an instant fallback should any primary component fail.
  • Ongoing backups: Backups are run on all databases multiple times a day, 365 days a year.

Data privacy

  • SSL/TLS: All incoming HTTP requests are secured with the latest SSL/TLS encryption protocols provided by Cloudflare Enterprise.
  • Segregated databases: Separate databases are allocated to each of our customers. This minimizes the chances of data leakage from one account to another. Furthermore, it limits exposure should one customer's database be penetrated by a malicious external agent.
  • Webinar recordings: All webinar recordings are assigned a uniquely generated URL.
  • Amazon's protection: All webinars and their recordings are stored and delivered via Amazon's secure cloud streaming services.
  • Encrypted storage: Encryption is used for account passwords, API credentials, third-party integrated credentials, etc. They are not stored in the databases in plain text.


  • PCI and SCA: WebinarJam and EverWebinar are sold via Kartra, through a fully PCI and SCA-compliant checkout. This keeps your credit card data secure and encrypted at all times.
  • GDPR and data privacy: Your European users will see cookie acceptance banners, mandatory agreement tick boxes while registering, unsubscription links in all email reminders, etc.

Industry-leading partners

WebinarJam partners with technology leaders:

  • SendGrid for email notifications
  • Twilio for video/audio webRTC streaming
  • Amazon for cloud server infrastructure
  • Firebase for live socket communications
  • Cloudflare for webpage protection and speed
  • Kartra for credit card transactions