When you click the button to log in after entering the username and password for your WebinarJam or EverWebinar account, you will be prompted to enter a one-time passcode from your authenticator app.

  1. Enter your account email address (or username) and password to log in
  2. On your mobile phone, open the authenticator app connected to your WebinarJam account
    • If you have multiple WebinarJam accounts connected to the app, a unique code will appear for each one. Copy the code for the account you are logging in to.
  3. On the WebinarJam login screen, enter the six-digit passcode
    • If desired, tick “Remember this device for 30 days.” Choosing this option allows you to skip the authentication process for 30 days from this browser.
  4. Click Log in


  • Never select “Remember this device” when accessing your account from a device you don’t own.
  • After 30 days, you will be prompted to log in with an authentication passcode again.
  • If you clear your browser cookies, use a different browser, or use a different device to log in, WebinarJam will see you as an unknown user. You will be prompted to provide an authentication code, regardless of how long it’s been since your last log in.