This article is for WebinarJam and EverWebinar.

Add polls or quizzes to a webinar to survey your attendees and prompt engagement with your presentation.

To configure a poll, go to the Live step of the webinar configuration.

WebinarJam > Live

  1. Open Polls and quizzes and click Add new poll
  2. Add the poll question
  3. Add answer options
    • Click Add another option at the bottom of the window to add more than two possible answers.
  4. Save the poll or quiz window and click Confirm to continue the webinar setup

Polls are deployed and new polls are added inside the live webinar room.

EverWebinar > Live

Important: Polls in EverWebinar are interactive for attendees to simulate the experience of a live event, but the results are fully preconfigured. No additional poll statistics are generated from attendee interaction in an EverWebinar event.

Configure live content for EverWebinar

  1. Open Live content and click Add event > Poll
  2. Click to toggle Make the results public at the end of the poll (Optional)
    • If ON, add simulated poll results by entering a percentage after each answer choice. Attendees will see the preconfigured results after submitting an answer during the webinar.
  3. Add the question and answer options
    • Click Add Another Option to add additional answer choices.
  4. Add a Start and End time for the automatic poll
  5. Save the poll event and the Live content module to continue the webinar setup