This article is for WebinarJam and EverWebinar.

Send webinar reminders by text message or voice call with a Twilio SMS integration.

Important: Record an audio message with your reminder and upload it to the internet. You can upload the file anywhere that will provide you with a direct MP3 URL for the uploaded file.

  • Tip: Upload your file to Twilio Assets in your Twilio console and set it to public access to get an MP3 URL. Learn more from Twilio.

Add a Voice Call Reminder

Open a WebinarJam or EverWebinar event for editing:

  1. Go to Notifications > Reminder notifications
    Add a voice call reminder
  2. Under Last minute notification, click Add call
    • Voice calls are not available for any other reminder or notification type
    • A reminder email is configured by default. To send only a voice call reminder, delete the email.
  3. Enter a direct URL to a hosted MP3 file with your voice reminder and Save

Add a voice recording URL

Pro tip

  • Last minute notifications are sent 15 minutes before the scheduled webinar session. The timing cannot be changed.
  • Only one voice call reminder can be configured per webinar.
  • The audio file must be hosted on the internet and accessible via a direct MP3 URL.
  • Enter a phone number and click Test call to ensure that your integration is working correctly.

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