Create unique login profiles to collaborate with team members in your account. To add new members, click the team icon in the top right menu.

Access team members in WebinarJam

In the Team members window, create new members or manage existing members. 

Create or manage team members

Create new member

Enter a new member's information and click Create to automatically send the member an invitation. The new member must click the button in the email to accept the invitation and create a password.

New team member invitation email

  • The new member is added to the existing member list with a yellow Pending status bubble.
  • When the member logs in, the status bubble turns green.

Existing team members

Open the Team members window to manage existing member profiles.

  • Click the envelope icon to resend the login email if the member did not receive it
  • Click the red X icon to delete a member profile

Note: Team member profiles cannot be modified. If a profile was created with a typo or if you want to change the name or email address for a member of your team, delete the profile and create a new one.

Team Member Restrictions

For security, the primary login profile has exclusive access to certain aspects of your account:

  • API
  • Ability to change SMTP or SMS providers
  • GDPR settings
  • Billing settings
  • Account-level autoresponder integrations
  • Bad words filter

Do not share the primary login email address or password with anyone. To give another person access to your account, use the Team Member function described in this article.