This article applies to both WebinarJam and EverWebinar.

UTM parameters can be used to help you understand where your registrants come from if you promote a WebinarJam or EverWebinar event on multiple platforms.

UTM parameters are codes added to the end of a URL to track website or ad traffic. They are commonly used in scenarios where you want to track where a visitor comes from and what they do, such as in digital advertising.

A URL with UTM parameters looks similar to this:

Important: WebinarJam and EverWebinar URLs must be manually modified to add UTM parameters for each unique source. Your account will record the UTM values if they were used, but will not automatically generate links that include them.

Available UTM parameters


  • Use to identify where the traffic is coming from, such as TikTok, Instagram, or any place you are serving ads.


  • Use to identify how the traffic is getting to you. This value could be something like “social,” “cpc,” “affiliate,” or “email,” and is useful to distinguish which medium is bringing you the most traffic or the highest quality traffic.


  • Use to identify why the traffic is coming to you. It may be in response to a specific promotion or launch, etc.


  • Use to differentiate between ads or to measure the click ratio between two links to a single destination that are in the same email.


  • Use to specify ad keywords if your link is in use for a paid ad campaign.

For more information on UTM selection and use, there are many excellent marketing resources online that can help guide your strategy. Free UTM link builders can also be useful tools as you plan your campaigns.

Add UTM parameters to a webinar URL

Add UTM parameters to a registration link to track information about where your registrants signed up.

  1. In Webinars, find the webinar you want to track
  2. Click Your links
  3. In the Attendees tab, copy the Registration page link
  4. Add UTM parameters to the end of the URL manually or with an online UTM builder tool
    • Repeat this for each place you will share the link (in emails, on social media, etc)
  5. Share the modified registration link(s)

Attendees who register through the modified links will be stored in the webinar's registrants list with a record of the UTM parameters that were in the link they clicked.

Example of a UTM builder tool from

Example of a UTM builder toolClick Build URL after adding all parameters to generate the final URL with UTM tracking capability.

Important Notes:

  • UTM values cannot be sent to WebinarJam with an API call.
  • If an attendee registers to the same event twice with the same email address, the UTM values captured the first time will be saved. Additional registrations will not overwrite existing UTM values.