This article is for WebinarJam only.

Create the Session Schedule

Caution: Do NOT edit a webinar schedule after attendees have already registered for the event. Editing the schedule resets the unique access link for each registrant, so the link sent in their original confirmation email will not work.

Changing the session type (from single to multiple, etc.) deletes the original session in the database. Files and analytics associated with the original session will also be deleted. Instead of changing the session type for an existing webinar, create a new webinar configuration for the new schedule structure.

Go to the Schedules step of the webinar configuration wizard and open Webinar schedule.

Choose a schedule type for the webinar:

  • One single session
  • Multiple sessions
  • A recurring series of presentations

Single Session

Use the single session option when you have one presentation that you want to broadcast once or repeat at different times. With this schedule, attendees will choose the date and time they want from the schedule you create.

  • Example: An free introductory class designed to be seen once.

Multiple Sessions

Use multiple sessions when you are offering a series of presentations that are all different but related to each other. Attendees register once to attend multiple sessions at the dates and times you create.

  • Example: A paid workshop consisting of five lessons on a specific topic.

Recurring Series of Sessions

Attendees who register for a recurring series sign up for a daily or weekly series, for as long as it lasts.

To create a recurring series:

  1. Select Daily or a day of the week as the type of recurrance
  2. Select Unlimited or Limited to define the duration of the series
    • If limited, enter the number of sessions
  3. Add additional series to the same webinar configuration if desired
    • Example: One series runs every Monday, and a second series runs every Wednesday.
  4. Click Add to create each series

Configure recurring series schedules

Allow Time Zone Conversion

Toggle time zone conversion on or off to show your webinar session times in a viewer's local time-zone on the registration page and in email notifications. Time zone conversion is ON by default. Switch it off if you prefer to display a specific time-zone for the webinar.