Approval is required before you can connect with the WebinarJam or EverWebinar API. If you have not done so, apply for an API key.

  • WebinarJam API endpoint:
  • EverWebinar API endpoint:

Connections to the API server must be secured with SSL. Non-SSL connections will be dropped.

How to find your API key

Go to the main Webinars dashboard and click the Advanced link above the module for any event. The API key is global for your entire account, so you don’t need a new API Key for each webinar.

In the Advanced integration window, click API custom integration to find the API key and other details.

Data privacy requirements

When using the WebinarJam or EverWebinar API, each user is responsible for ensuring that appropriate consent is collected from webinar registrants. People who sign up to attend a webinar must:

  • Grant you permission to handle their personal data.
  • Agree to be subscribed to your webinars.
  • Grant you permission to communicate with them in the future.

Data privacy regulations vary depending on where you are located and where your registrants are located. If you are not sure what regulations you are subject to or how to comply, please consult with a legal professional.

API call limits

The WebinarJam and EverWebinar API systems have a hardcoded limit of 20 API calls per second per user, meaning that your script should not send more than 20 API calls per second to our API endpoint. 

If the limit is exceeded, the system will return a “Too many requests” error message (429 error). If this error appears, wait a short period and try the call again.

To prevent the 429 error, it is recommended to implement your scripts in a queue system that throttles all outbound API calls to a maximum rate of 20 calls per second. If your script goes through a burst of activity, this will queue the outbound calls and process them in a first-in-first-out order without exceeding the limit.