This article is for WebinarJam only.

Enable auto-subscription

Auto-subscription to future webinars lets attendees register once to automatically be subscribed to all future WebinarJam events configured in your account.

Important: Subscription to new webinars requires manual action from a webinar manager when each new event is configured. While subscription will be "automatic" for the user, you control whether to complete the action in each new webinar.

To enable auto-subscription:

  • Go to the Registration step of the webinar configuration wizard
  • Open the Auto-subscription to future webinars module
  • Click Enable auto-subscription and Save the module

If enabled, the webinar registration form will display an extra check box labeled Auto-subscribe to future webinars from this host. The registrant must check the box to accept auto-subscription. This option cannot be turned on by default.

Auto-subscription option in the registration form

Register auto-subscribed users

Each time you create a new webinar, manually add auto-subscribed registrants from previous webinars to the new session.

Auto-subscribed registrants

  1. In Webinars, find the new event
  2. Click Your Links > Attendees
  3. Select a session from the drop-down under Auto-subscribe registrants from previous webinars (shown in the previous image)
    • A bubble appears with the total number of auto-subscribed users registered in your account
  4. Click Subscribe to register all saved users for the selected session
    • The auto-subscription down-down and button disappear when the action is complete

Auto-subscribed registrants will receive the confirmation email with the details for your upcoming webinar: the webinar topic, scheduled date and time, their unique link to the live session, etc.

Customize the confirmation email at the Notifications step of your new webinar configuration.

Important: Auto-subscription must be enabled at the Registration step of the new webinar's configuration or the auto-subscription option will not appear in Your Links.

Opt out of auto-subscription

A mandatory unsubscribe link appears in the footer of every email notification sent by your account. Registrants can click the link to opt out of future notifications for each webinar they are subscribed to.