This article is for EverWebinar.

Upload a CSV file to quickly add many lines of chat messages to an EverWebinar event.

In the webinar configuration wizard:

  1. Go to the Live step
  2. Open the Live chat box module and click Enable live chat
  3. Configure the chat options to create the ideal attendee experience
  4. At the bottom of the module, click Import from CSV to upload a file with multiple chat lines
    • Alternatively, enter chat lines one at a time using the fields in the setup wizard
Pro tip: Download the chat file from a WebinarJam live event and upload it. The WebinarJam CSV is correctly formatted for import into EverWebinar.

CSV Formatting

Resource: Download a CSV Chat Template

CSV file must contain only 7 columns containing chat message values. Each row in the CSV file represents a new chat message.

  • Hour: Number between 00 and 07
  • Minute: Number between 00 and 59
  • Second: Number between 00 and 59
  • Name: Name of the person
  • Role: Admin or Attendee
  • Message: The actual chat comment
  • Mode:
    • If role is Attendee: Chat, Question, or Answer
    • If role is Admin: Chat, Question, Answer, Highlighted, or Tip

Example of the correct format:

Correct CSV formatting

When the spreadsheet is complete, export or save it as a CSV file with UTF-8 encoding before uploading to EverWebinar.

Maximum Chat Lines

The maximum number of pre-loaded chat lines is 5,000, or 1 MB for a CSV file upload. This limit ensures a good experience for attendees by preventing high demands on the webinar room to load the chat. In a custom chat file, do not exceed 5,000 lines or 1 MB in file size. If WebinarJam live is used as the source file for the EverWebinar, the system will not auto-import a chat file that exceeds 5,000 lines. You will see an error message informing you that the chat was not imported.

To resolve this and get a usable chat file:

  • Go back to WebinarJam and download the chat history for the live webinar you imported.
  • Open the downloaded CSV file and manually delete chat lines until there are less than 5,000 lines. Save the file and confirm the final size is under 1 MB (delete more lines if needed).
  • Go back to EverWebinar and the Live step of the wizard. Upload the new CSV file as described in this article.
Pro tip: If you activate the "Save real comments" option, real chat lines will be added to the EverWebinar session until it reaches the limit of 5,000 lines of chat. Any additional lines will be ignored.